What You Don't Reason May Kill You: Logic & Observed Evidence in Journeying Life & Forming Faith. Samer Kurait. First edition March 31 2024. ISBN: 978-0-9821669-5-6. Publisher: U UNIQUE

One may reach a logical conclusion without a corresponding spiritual or supernatural understanding, resulting in a lack of harmony between reason and the behaviors of those around us. In such cases, purely logical individuals may struggle to cope with illogical situations, missing the essence of life that spiritual alignment can provide. Conversely, possessing a sincere spiritual connection without logical grounding leaves one susceptible to illogical spiritual influences, which can deviate from the truth and lead one astray, even if their faith and dedication are genuine. This is where harmful spiritual influences can result in horrific actions committed in the name of faith. The most dangerous combination is illogical conclusions paired with malevolent spiritual influences, which lead to the worst atrocities against humanity and oneself.

In this book, I argue for an inseparable combination of logical conclusions and logical spiritual alignment, seamlessly linked together as one and the same. Together, they provide what I term the Ultimate Goal of Life. This approach offers a holistic, logically sound, and spiritually invigorating path, becoming a force of life seeking the ultimate victory.

Because of its importance, I am offering the book free of charge. This decision comes not from a place of financial comfort, but even as I am financially struggling. The topic and timing are critical, and the value of this work cannot be measured by profit or enrichment. Therefore, I urge you to be patient and persistent in reading this book as we embark on this vital task. 

If you would like to refer others to read the book and prefer a site dedicated solely to it, refer them to UltimateGoalOfLife.com